Fax.to has created a live beta on the website for users to experience the fast, simple and intuitive way to send faxes online for a small pay as you go fee.

Fax.to Goes Beta Live After Overwhelming Response By Users To Pre-Launch

fax-to-liveItalos Marios was caught by surprise when the government required him to send a fax to authenticate some details. Like so many in the 21st century, he did not own a fax machine. At that time, he realized that there wasn’t a simple, reliable and secure way to send a fax without having to commit to a subscription based service, or put money into a company from the 80’s. As a result, he founded Fax.to, a pay as you go online fax service. After receiving $20,000 in seed funding for the concept, he has just launched the live beta.

Fax.to is an online fax service that’s pay as you go and requires no commitment and no additional hardware. The hardware alone can cost upwards of $200-$500 per year, local stores can charge anything from fifty cents to a dollar per page. Fax.to offers a service that starts at just nine cents per page and all faxes sent with this new service are fully encrypted thanks to the SSL technology being utilized to safeguard sensitive information.

Marios set out to make Fax.to as easy going and user friendly as possible. Currently there are casual users and even small business users regularly using the new service. The live beta of Fax.to will enable thousands of eager Facebook fans to send a fax online.

The first fax to be sent with this new service was from Thailand to Australia, it’s a perfect example of global reach, Fax.to can reach more than thirty five countries. To celebrate the launch of the new beta service, the company has produced a YouTube video for easy social sharing to introduce the service to new audiences.

Italos Marios said of the project, “We want to kill the fax dinosaur and bring fax communication to the digital age. With such an overwhelming response already on social media, we knew there was a hunger in the market for this service, which is why we produced our video to ensure maximum exposure now the beta has gone live. We look forward to a bright future with our customers, and we’re already developing new features for the full release to ensure the best customer experience possible.”

About Fax.to: Launched in October 2015 by Intergo Interactive Ltd a Cyprus based company founded by Italos Marios. Fax.to is an online faxing service on a pay as you go basis, freeing individuals to send a fax from anywhere at any time. Fax.to is the solution for occasional, low volume or small business needs, offering the ability to send international faxes to 38+ countries at a very low cost, all on a pay as you go basis, with no commitments or outrageous fees.

For more information about us, please visit http://fax.to

Contact Info:
Name: Italos Marios
Organization: Fax.to – Intergo Interactive Ltd
Email: inquiries@fax.to
Phone: +1 (646) 569-9004