Who We Are?

Who We Are?

We are a small team of highly motivated individuals from all over the world cooperating and working online each one from its workspace and directed by our central offices in Cyprus.

We have been building internet businesses and running them since 2008.

The Core Members of the team have over 10 years of experience in bringing online businesses from concept to reality. We fullfilled and undertook projects for our own interests as well as for selected clients over the years always providing services on par of highly expensive corporate agencies multiple times our size and budget.

Beeing a small and agile team gives us the advantage to work fast and effectively without any bureaucracy and other constrains.

Meet The Team

Italos Marios

Founder and Director. Strong Marketing and Strategic skills, plans forward and sets the goals for the company while overseeing the daily operations.


Vladimir is the CTO of Intergo. After nearly 2 decades as a developer himself he is responsible for all things Tech and spearheads the timely development of our new product lines


Mike is an expert level System Engineer specialized in web services. He provides full support for platforms running high internet traffic and maintains/monitors their availability.


Senior Web Developer working with high load API’s  and architecture and many features on our new products


Zarko has over 15 years experience in developing complex applications and leading small teams. He is currently leading development in some of our new products


Manny is a an experienced web developer, highly efficient and accurate, able to build complex and scalable systems. He is experienced in API’s and is the man behind the scenes for many of our SaaS projects.


Filip is a passionate Junior Web Developer working on our new telecom products. Attention to detail and proactive attitude make him an asset for the company


Tapas is our QA and Operations lead. His attention to detail and product knowledge help us release timely and error free our software


Head of Support & Sales. She is responsible for everything related to customer support and leads account management team. She is also running the sales team with outbound and inbound sales and is the greatest ambassador for our products.


Gregory recently joined Support & Marketing Ninja team. He is there for every customer’s need either on email or chat and also runs multiple creative marketing initiatives for our products.




Chris is responsible for Business Development. Be it negotiations, client meetings and presentations as well as executing complex outbound initiatives.



Highly experienced in web programming languages (PHP/HTML/CSS and javascript) he is the backbone of the code that powers up many of our projects.